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The EU SME eHealth Competition is an initiative that rewards the best eHealth/mHealth  solutions produced by SMEs across Europe. It has the support of the European Commission,  and also the private sponsorship from Emminens (Roche), XLHealth, M3 EU Ltd and  Younoodle.  


In this competition, there are two Categories depending on the turnover of the companies:  Champions (SMEs with turnover more than 0.5 M€), and Promises (with less turnover).  


The 2016 edition, first prizes have been awarded to  Champion category:  

  • iHealth  (France)   for the solution iHealth Discovery, a remote health management  platform for chronic diseases that includes devices and software that are intuitive to use  to encourage users to better manage their health  

Promise category:  

  • Symptoma (Austria),   a search engine for diseases. Physicians enter symptoms and  receive a list of matching causes ­ sorted by probability for the case according to age,  sex and geography. 

The other prizes went to:  

  • Custodix  (Belgium), for the InSite Platform, a solution that enables the reuse of EHR  data (Real World Data) for clinical research on a European scale in a compliant and  trustworthy manner ­2nd prize champion  
  • Jouw Omgeving  (The Netherlands), an engaging e­Mental Health platform for children,  youths and people with intellectual disabilities. Empowering and activating patients and  those around them by involving and enabling them. Allowing for cost­effective and  efficient care. ­3rd prize champion  
  • NiniSpeech  (Israel) ,a solution that enables people with speech disorders to take control  over their speech in day to day life, and equips speech therapists with real­life  quantifiable compliance, performance and progress monitoring ­ using unique  technologies ­2nd prize promise  
  • Oviva  (Switzerland), their system is reducing the cost of treating chronic diseases  related to diet, such as obesity & diabetes, by making medical nutritional therapy more  accessible and efficient. ­3rd prize promise  

The objective of the SME eHealth Competition is to support the business success of European  Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by giving them visibility together with marketing  opportunities to attract customers, partners and external capital. Winners receive also cash  prizes, mentoring and free tickets to events. In the 2016 edition, 112 SMEs registered and  submitted a two page summary explaining the innovation and potential impact of their solutions.  Based on this information provided, 15 companies were selected for the Final.  


During the Final, the SMEs had 5 minutes each to explain their solution in front of a Jury of  international eHealth stakeholders and sponsors. The jury panel was integrated by Jaakko Arnio  (EC), Lars Kalfhaus (Emminens), Min­Sung Kim (XLHealth), Tim Ringrose (M3 EU Ltd.), Marko  Kilk (North Estonia Medical Centre), Ilir Qose (COOSS Marche Onlus Scpa), Javier Quiles  (Galician Health Service) and Patricia Martinez (BravoSolution).  


The Competition 2016 has been sponsored by  

  • European Commission , who represents the interests of the European Union as a  whole http://ec.europa.eu/  
  • Emminens , a company of the Roche Group with more than 10 years of experience in  the design of technological solutions for the personalized management of chronic  diseases www.emminens.com  
  • XLHealth , a German based investor for Digital Health Startups http://xlhealth.de/en/  
  • M3 EU Ltd ., a global healthcare technology company http://eu.m3.com/  
  • Younoodle , the platform that connects top startups with opportunities for growth  www.younoodle.com  

And it has the special support of HIMSS , the global not­for­profit organization focused on better  health through information technology (IT). ­ http://himss.eu/ 


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<![CDATA[GET project supports 400+ SMEs and startups]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/11/03/get-project-supports-400-smes-and-startups/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/11/03/get-project-supports-400-smes-and-startups/

During 2 years 400+ eHealth SMEs have received support on private funding, internationalization, business modelling and identification of new opportunities

The European GET project, funded by the European Commission has supported over 400 SMEs and startups by delivering four high value services. Throughout the 24 months the project has trained, guided and coached Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to develop a successful business model, access private funding and/or set up an international business. Also, in cooperation with end-users and health providers, the project has supported the identification of unmet needs that can become business opportunities.

“eHealth SMEs need ongoing and in-depth support to succeed”

According to project leader Jorge Gonzalez, “eHealth is a relatively young field with numerous business challenges for entrepreneurs and start-ups, including business modelling, internationalization and access to private funding. The GET project has delivered coaching, resources and other types of support to help eHealth SMEs succeed in the European markets and abroad."

Sarah Lopez, founder of the C2C Oncology project and one of the start-up participants declared “Without the support of the GET project I will have never believed in my idea or found the strength to present it at a contest being alone. The advice I was given was very helpful.”

The CEO of OvulaRing/VivensoMedical, another start-up participant, added: “The pitch rehearsal from Get Funded was quite impressive and useful straight to the point. The critical reflections and the recommendations given by Pascal Lardier improved the presentation quite well and gave us the possibility to focus the content for the presentation in adoption towards the audience.”

Valuable guides and reports for digital health startups

Over the last 24 months, the project has generated a rich repository of online resources including many useful guides, interviews and reports. Among the most interesting results are the list of 250+ global digital health investors, guides to successful business modelling and the many ‘’lessons learnt” for SMEs looking for funding or to access new international markets. The repository is free to access and can be found on the GET project website. It will remain available even after the project at www.get-ehealth.eu. 

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<![CDATA[How did GET help the C2C Oncology app?]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/09/03/how-did-get-help-the-c2c-oncology-app/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/09/03/how-did-get-help-the-c2c-oncology-app/

Now that the GET project has delivered its services to SMEs and startups the last 20 months, we are asking some of the beneficiaries how the project has helped them. 

We asked Sarah Lopez, founder of the C2C Oncology project and developing an app.

GET: Thank you Sarah for taking the time. Please tell us more about your project. 

Sarah Lopez: "My project is to build a mobile application for oncology. It will allow to monitor side effects of oral chemo therapy and oral targeted therapies of cancer patients treated at home. The point is to better adopt the dosage they receive and have a better knowledge of their wellbeing everyday. The second objective is to inform them through the app and help patient prepare their next appointment with the oncologist. This application could be used in mainstream oncology but also clinical trials if slightly modified. The point is to monitor side effects of oral treatments but it could be used for intra-venous therapies as well (scientific modification needed to adopt the app though)."

GET: Before meeting the GET team, what challenges did you face? 

Sarah: "Our biggest challenge is to decide on one business model but mostly to get scientific validation. As we are building a medical mobile application for oncology we want to have the content fully approved by a board of oncologists, if possible key opinion leaders, and they are hard to get to. That is why the help of GET organization, cancer organization and pharmaceutical lab can come handy in order to give some credibility to the project and open the doors of oncologists' offices."

GET: How did you get into contact with the GET project? 

Sarah: "I got into contact with GET by sending an email to Jorge. I first new the get project through an Horizon 2020 newsletter."

GET: What kind/level of support did the GET project offer you?

Sarah: "Jorge offered me advise, corrected my presentation, my speech. He also gave me documentation such as identifying needs in healthcare and how to build a business mode. Those documents the GET provide are very useful and simple enough. The list of identified needs is something key and very valuable that I have presented to all pharmaceutical lab innovation manager I could meet."

GET: What value did it bring you?

Sarah: "The GET organization offered me support and credibility but also documentation."

GET: Was the support of the GET project helpful and in what way ?

Sarah: "Without the support of the GET project I will have never believed in my idea or found the strenght to present it at a contest being alone. The advices I was given were very helpful."

GET: Where are you know? Have you overcome some issues? 

Sarah: "Today the project is moving forward slowly but we will go faster in September. I am just out of a meeting with the pharmaceutical lab Pierre Fabre, they will help me with the project as outsiders. They won't be financing the project as I want to keep it unbiais but they will be helping me to get in touch with oncologists, patients and pharmacists to contact user study and scientific validation. They are interested in the project as one of their main product is an oral chemotherapy.


Today I have 2.000 euros for this project. The point is not to create a company per say per but a non profit organization in order to get financing from the cancer research organization next november. I was alone working on this project but in September we will be six, all pharmacists, working on the scientific side of the project but also it's marketing and scientific communication. Hopefully I have found student developers willing to work on an Android versionof the app for free or little money. I will need to pay for iOS developers most likely. But for the time being the scientific development of the project is the  hardest work.

The C2C oncology app product will be free. We will develop it through public financing as an organization most likely. The app will need to evolve and management + teaching will need to be done at partner hospitals but that will be a sold as service to the hospitals. There is also the possibility to incorporate the app in clinical trials softwares especially for pharmaceutical labs and that could be a money stream as well. 

Thank you so much for your help Jorge and GET!"

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<![CDATA[Are you interested in eHealth opportunities in the USA market? View are our recorded webinar here]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/06/15/are-you-interested-in-ehealth-opportunities-in-the-usa-market-save-the-date/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/06/15/are-you-interested-in-ehealth-opportunities-in-the-usa-market-save-the-date/

The GET project is pleased to announce that we have secured Dave Whitlinger, Executive Director New York eHealth Collaborative to be the guest speaker on an international Webinar to look at:

eHealth business opportunities and things to consider when entering the USA market’

Dave’s current position has overall responsibility for the New York eHealth Collaborative, a non-profit organization promoting health information technology that ensures fast, secure, accurate access to patient data across New York State.  


This webinar is targeted to ambitious eHealth entrepreneurs who are interested in moving into the USA market and was held on July 7, at 2 PM CET.  


Please find the recording of the webinar here: webinar (apologies for the bad recordings)

See the slides Dave used here: slidedeck


Dave Whitlinger, Execute Director, New York eHealth Collaborative

As Executive Director, Dave has overall responsibility for the New York eHealth Collaborative, a non-profit organization promoting health information technology that ensures fast, secure, accurate access to patient data across New York State.  Previously, Dave served as the Director of Healthcare Device Standards and Interoperability for the Intel Corporation in its Digital Health Group, responsible for healthcare device interoperability strategies and standards development. He led a cross-industry consortium, the Continua Health Alliance, focused on the establishment of an ecosystem of interoperable, personal telehealth systems.  He also served on the Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors for several years.  Dave is the author of five research journal articles, four of which focused on breast cancer DNA analysis.

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<![CDATA[Double Interview with Tom Albert, AXA Health, and Klaus Stöckemann, Peppermint Ventures Partners]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/07/09/double-interview-with-tom-albert-axa-health-and-klaus-st%C3%B6ckemann-peppermint-ventures-partners/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/07/09/double-interview-with-tom-albert-axa-health-and-klaus-st%C3%B6ckemann-peppermint-ventures-partners/

Private insurance companies have started reimbursing digital solutions. Is the last piece of the puzzle that will accelerate eHealth investments in Europe? An insurer and an investor discuss.


Read the whole interview

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<![CDATA[EC to VC Take 3: GET Project’s Investment Forum at IIHC!]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/07/07/ec-to-vc-take-3-get-project-s-investment-forum-at-iihc/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/07/07/ec-to-vc-take-3-get-project-s-investment-forum-at-iihc/

The GET Project is delighted to partner with the Innovations + Investments in Healthcare Summit on September 18th to present the 3rd edition of EC to VC. Part our GET Funded service, the event will allow 7 lucky SMEs looking for funding to present their solutions and investment plans in front of a room full of very active digital health investors. If you are an SME looking for investment, this event is for you so step up and contact pascal@health2con.com to apply for a pitch! 

If you are a VC/investor and would like to attend this session as well as the rest of IIHC, please register here.

More about Innovations + Investment in Healthcare Summit

With its 6th edition taking place in Munich on September 17-20, IIHC is a leading European conference linking healthcare innovations to investments. The event attracts attendees ranging from C-Level executives of major corporations and VC firms to founders of the most exciting health care startups and promote an innovation ecosystem connecting established champions to new contenders. Check out the preliminary programme. And don't wait till it’s too lateThe IIHC has a tendency to sell out. Register now!

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<![CDATA[Over 250 investors potentially interested in YOUR digital health solution]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/06/30/over-250-investors-potentially-interested-in-your-digitial-health-solution/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/06/30/over-250-investors-potentially-interested-in-your-digitial-health-solution/

The GET Project has identified 250+ VCs and investors around the world that have already made investments in digital health or are seriously investigating the space. Check out or simply download the list here.

If you are an investor interested in digital health and would like to be included in this list, please contact Pascal Lardier at pascal@health2con.com

If you are an SME looking for funding, please check our investors' criteria on our website first: www.get-ehealth.eu/get-funded, then contact Pascal Lardier at pascal@health2con.com if your qualify. 

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<![CDATA[What do patients and carers need in health apps - but are not getting?]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/06/24/what-do-patients-and-carers-need-in-health-apps-but-are-not-getting/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/06/24/what-do-patients-and-carers-need-in-health-apps-but-are-not-getting/

Download the whitepaper here.

Despite the huge and obvious potential of health apps to support patient self-care and reduce the drain on healthcare systems – their use has yet to move into mainstream medicine and public health programmes aimed at disease prevention. The lack of user involvement is one of the major reasons why health apps have failed to deliver thus far: what do patients and carers need in health apps - but are not getting? And how can developers respond and deliver better apps accordingly? These are the two key questions tackled in the latest analysis of the findings of a global survey and multi-stakeholder workshop, published today by PatientView, in conjunction with Health 2.0 and TICBioMed, co-ordinator of the EU-funded GET project.

The results, presented in a new white paper, What do patients and carers need in health apps - but are not getting?, analyse the views of 1,130 patient and carer groups worldwide. The needs and challenges raised were then discussed in a multi-stakeholder meeting held to help define concepts for new apps that address patient and carer unmet real needs.


Download the white paper here.

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<![CDATA[Interview with Florian Reinaud, Partner at Innovation Capital]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/06/22/interview-with-florian-reinaud-partner-at-innovation-capital/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/06/22/interview-with-florian-reinaud-partner-at-innovation-capital/

“As investors we all know that the business plan you see one day is going to be out-of-date very soon, most likely within three to six months anyway. So it's about having the confidence that the management team is going to be able to react accordingly and continue to build the company in a rapidly changing landscape.”

Read the interview

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<![CDATA[Interview with Beth Susanne, startup consultant and presentation coach]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/05/05/interview-with-beth-susanne-startup-consultant-andpresentation-coach/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/05/05/interview-with-beth-susanne-startup-consultant-andpresentation-coach/

Beth Susanne has coached close to a thousands of startups on how to present to investors: “You have about 10 seconds for an investor to decide whether you're worthwhile to continue to listen to or not. You have to be clear about what you believe in but you also have to be coachable.”

Read the whole interview here

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<![CDATA[eHealth Startup Guide for Business success]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/04/30/ehealth-startup-guide-for-business-success/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/04/30/ehealth-startup-guide-for-business-success/

There are many methods and approaches to supporting startup businesses, each with a powerful message and aim to support SMEs.

This guide is aimed at eHealth startups eager to enter the health and social care market with their product of service. It provides the startups with a 'foundation' for the future and skills to kick-start your startup.

Read the guide here

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<![CDATA[The latest opportunities to boost your eHealth Business]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/04/26/the-latest-opportunities-to-boost-your-ehealth-business/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/04/26/the-latest-opportunities-to-boost-your-ehealth-business/

Find out more about the latest calls and programs to boost your (international) eHealth business. A listing of open calls and applications. Act now as some of them are closing soon!

Stop & Go

Stop & Go: 'Sustainable Technologies for Older People - Get Organised' is an EU funded Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions Pilot project.

Partners are delighted to invite you to participate in an Open Market consultation on Stop & Go's European Specification Template, to be used in procuring services work over €17 million and benefiting over 5000 people

Learn more

Applications now open for New York Digital Accelerator


The program will support up to 10 early and growth-stage companies developing cutting-edge technology in care coordination, patient engagement, and workflow management for healthcare providers.

Selected companies will receive up to $100,000 investment plus

access to mentors from senior-level executives.


Application deadline: 18th May

Learn more

eHealth Innovators: Opportunity to deploy and test your innovations

In partnership with the UK Government and Academic Health Science Networks, NHS England is inviting innovators globally to express interest in participating in their flagship testbeds initiative.

These sites will evaluate the real world impact of new technologies offering both better care and better value for taxpayers.

Learn More

NHS Organisation Seeks Innovative Technologies


Closing Date: 8th May 2015

Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group is searching for companies (SMEs) with innovative technologies to improve patient care/ health or deliver outstanding services at a lower cost. This offers companies working in the medtech/ healthcare sectors the opportunity to secure funded evaluation of their innovations within an appropriate NHS setting.

Learn more


mHealth solution sought for management of heart failure

EU projects Unwired Health has launched a market consultation in order to publish a tender aimed at generating a new mHealth solution for HF management.

The system must be secure, interoperable and consider the needs of patients and clinicians.

Learn more

AAL Call: ICT based innovative, multinational projects 

The 2015 call is aimed at supporting older adults to live independently for longer and stay in charge of their own lives.

Learn more

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<![CDATA[Join the ECHAlliance Health Mission to China ]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/04/26/join-the-echalliance-health-mission-to-china/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/04/26/join-the-echalliance-health-mission-to-china/

Join the ECHAlliance Health Mission to China, registration is now open.

The Health Mission includes attendance at the Digital Health Summit 2015 @ Mobile World

Congress Shanghai (an invitation only event).

The agenda so far....


Tuesday 14

  • Health Mission Workshop
  • Sites visits in Shanghai
  • Health Mission Welcome VIP Dinner

Wednesday 15

  • DHS2015 @ MWC Shanghai
  • Speaking opportunity at the DHS2015 @ MWC Shanghai

Thursday 16

  • DHS2015 @ MWC Shanghai
  • Speaking opportunity at the DHS2015 @ MWC Shanghai
  • DHS2015 / Health Mission VIP Dinner

Friday 17

  • Sites visits
  • Access to MWC Shanghai exhibition

Learn more about the cost and what is included in the Health Mission here.

Download the ECHAlliance Health Mission to China brochure here.

More information about the DHS2015 here.


Register Now

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<![CDATA[eHealth business model clinic in Barcelona]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/04/10/ehealth-business-model-clinic/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/04/10/ehealth-business-model-clinic/

Get support for business model development from digital health experts

Business model clinic to boost your eHealth business

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Venue: Auditori AXA Convention Centre, Sala Uno

Date: Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm


Are you aiming to be among the top eHealth entrepreneurs and startups in Europe? The ‘Get on track’ business model clinic is targeted to ambitious eHealth entrepreneurs and early phase startups who need a little help with an important question: how am I going to make money? Join the workshop and get valuable feedback from top experts in digital health. 

At the event startups present their business idea to experienced digital health professionals. The panel of experts give feedback to each startup focusing on the business model and commercialization.

The panel of experts 

  • Dr. Tom Albert, Director Strategy, AXA Krankenversicherung AG - (DE)
  • Eddie Chan, Global Head, Search & Evaluation - Integrated Care, SANOFI - (US)
  • Jorge Gonzalez,  Managing Director, TICBioMed - (ES)
  • Pascal Lardier, Executive Director, International at Health 2.0 and GET Funded Service Lead – (FR)
  • Jim Phillips, Consultant - Self Management and co-production of better health systems - (UK)

More panelists to be confirmed


  • 2:00pm Welcome & GET project services presentation
  • 2:10pm - 3:30pm Startup pitches and feedback session
  • 3:30pm - 4:00pm Coffee and networking


The business model clinic is organized in conjunction with Health 2.0 Europe 2015 conference in Barcelona. Business model clinic participants get the 50 % reduced rate off the already reduced rate for startups. Read more about the conference.



Business model clinic is free of charge and participation is possible without attending to the Health 2.0 conference. The number of participants is limited. Selection is based on the following info asked in the registration form: elevator pitch, description of the solution, team,  business model.


Registration is open until May 8, 2015. Registration here

The Business model clinic is part of the EU-funded GET-project delivering growth to eHealth business. www.get-ehealth.eu


Venue info:

Auditori AXA Convention Centre, Sala Uno

Av. Diagonal, 547, Barcelona, 08029, Spain

Further information: 

Jaakko Ikävalko

email: jaakko.ikavalko@forumvirium.fi 

tel. +358 40 7350569

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<![CDATA[Get Inspired in Barcelona!]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/04/10/get-inspired-in-barcelona/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/04/10/get-inspired-in-barcelona/

Join healthcare providers to solve their concrete problems with your digital health expertise and propose digital solutions to solve real-world Health challenges.

GET, FISTAR and Health 2.0 invite you to a Workshop on co-creating digital solutions for real-world Health problems at the Health 2.0 conference in Barcelona on May 18th.


Join healthcare providers to solve their concrete problems with your digital health expertise.

On this free of charge event you will spend a full day with healthcare providers, who will carefully explain their specific challenges and will work side-by-side with you to find potential solutions.

Among others, by participating you will:

  • Get an opportunity to continue collaboration with these healthcare providers for piloting your solution and potential procurement;
  • Get a chance to pitch at the health 2.0 conference;
  • Have your solution published to hundreds of other healthcare providers on the FISTAR and Health 2.0 online portals.

Some of the challenges are:

Proposer Challenge
Stallergenes How can patients with respiratory allergies get faster access to effective treatment?
TicSalut How can user authentication for remote patient telemonitoring be improved?
Mutua Tarrasa Intelligent video or other surveillance technology to help patients with intellectual disability or mental diseases.
Directorate of Public Health and Addictions
of the Basque Health Department
How can mobile technology support responsible alcohol consumption in youngsters?
Department of Health How can mobile technology support access to an Automated External Defibrillator when needed?
DKV How can mobile technology support the medicine purchase for policyholders of an insurance company?
Northern Health and Social Care Trust (NHSCT) on behalf of Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety How can technology help patients to take their medicines as prescribed?

For further information and registration, follow this link www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/get-inspired-tickets-16375768364


There is only space for a limited number of teams per challenge, so you have to register fast to ensure your slot.

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<![CDATA[EC to VC Take 2 – Barcelona / May 18 - Request your invitation now!]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/03/25/ec-to-vc-take-2-barcelona-may-18-request-your-invitation-now/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/03/25/ec-to-vc-take-2-barcelona-may-18-request-your-invitation-now/

Calling all digital health investors! On Monday 18th May, Health 2.0 and the GET Project want to host you as part of our mission to encourage networking and partnership between investment-ready SMEs and European/international financiers. Registration is complimentary but by invitation only. The event will include an Investors’ Forum Discussion on “Financing Digital Health in Europe – Criteria, Trends, Acceleration, and New Sources of Funding”, SME Success Stories, 10 rapid-fire SME presentations followed by a discussion with investors and lots of networking. If you are looking for investment, the GET Funded service at Health 2.0 Barcelona is for you. Check out our investors’ criteria here and if you qualify, contact pascal@health2con.com.


If you are an investor and would like to receive your invitation to EC to VC, please simply fill out this very brief online form.


SMEs register here, but places are limited and a seat is not guaranteed until confirmed.

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<![CDATA[Boot-camp Business models and eHealth Innovation Routes]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2014/09/14/boot-camp-on-ehealth-innovation-strategy/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2014/09/14/boot-camp-on-ehealth-innovation-strategy/

Venue: Luxexpo, 10, Circuit de la Foire Internationale, Luxembourg

Date: April 21, 2015

Time: 09:00 - 17:00


Venue: International Exhibition Centre Kipsala, Riga, Latvia

Date: May 11, 2015

Time: 09:00 - 17:00

These bootcamps are targeted to ambitious eHealth entrepreneurs and early phase start-ups.



At the end of this boot-camp the participants have:

  • a clear vision on the improvement potential for their current business model
  • insight in the most appropriate innovation route towards sustainable financing
  • a strategy on how to convince the stakeholders involved
  • a prepared and practiced pitch for the main stakeholder 

Register here

Prelimenary program

 Business Models for ICT innovations in Health Care and Innovations Routes in Health Care Systems






Brief overview of the day followed by an introduction of the participants and their expectations.




Interactive session on the STOF business model framework, a tried and tested framework for the development of viable business models for ICT services in health care. Including brief assignments to internalize the STOF framework and apply it to individual contexts.

- Coffee/Tea break -

Interactive session on the eHix (eHealth innovation matrix) to identify the improvement potential for the current business model. The eHix is based on the STOF business model framework and tailored to innovation processes of ICT in health care. It contains a scan to determine the current status of the business model and tools to improve it.







Interactive session to introduce innovation routes in health care systems. The approach is based on extensive research and has proven to be extremely useful for SME’s. Although based on the Dutch health care system, the approach is generalizable to the context of other European countries.

- Coffee/Tea break -

The team selects the most appropriate innovation route and identifies the main stakeholders involved. Followed by a short session to compare and discuss different European health care systems.



Summary of main lessons learned. Have the expectations been met?


  • 10 to 15 European SME’s (this bootcamp is presented in english)
  • 2 persons per SME (Preferably with complementary knowledge and/or skills. E.g. medical or technical or business knowledge.)



For further information and registration, contact: Paul Pelsmaeker email: pelsmaeker@digitalezorg.nl


To registration form. 


Tue, 24 Mar 2015 22:54:00 +0100
<![CDATA[Get inspired: solving Health challenges at Health 2.0 Barcelona]]> https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/03/24/get-inspired-solving-health-challenges-at-health-2-0-barcelona/ https://www.get-ehealth.eu/2015/03/24/get-inspired-solving-health-challenges-at-health-2-0-barcelona/

Would you like to connect with Digital Health talent to help you with your Health challenges?


The European project GET aims to connect unmet needs in Health with digital entrepreneurs and SMEs. The idea is to identify Health opportunities, difficulties or challenges within Healthcare organizations, and interact with digital talent to solve them.


On the 18th of May we are organizing an event to connect proposers of Health challenges with digital developers to jointly identify the best solutions. It will take place in Barcelona, as part of the Health 2.0 conference, one of the most relevant in the Digital Health sector.


Participate as a proposer

We are looking for Healthcare organizations (hospitals, Pharmaceutical, insurance companies) to propose their own Health challenge and participate at the event. This Get inspired initiative is completely free of charge, funded by the European Commission, and there is no obligation to establish a relationship with the organizers nor with the solvers after the event.


Do you have a Health challenge that can be solved with the use of digital technology?
Then you can become a proposer!

More information:

GET website www.get-ehealth.eu/fill-the-gap/ (includes a list of challenges)

Get inspired dossier with details about logistics here.

For further information, please contact:

Jorge Gonzalez, Managing Director of TICBioMedjorge.gonzalez@ticbiomed.net, +34 657847238

Tue, 24 Mar 2015 12:23:00 +0100